True LED TVs have a lot of impact on the traditional TV indu

2018-04-12 14:40 品拓互联
Although there are many “LED TVs” in today’s home appliance stores, they actually cannot be called true LED TVs, but only LCD TVs with LED backlights. Compared with ordinary LCD TVs using CCFL light sources, It's just different on the backlight.

So what is the real LED TV?

LED TV can actually be seen as an upgraded version of the LED display that we often see. It is controlled by the display of thousands of RGB three-color LED lights. Each light source of the LED TV is self-illuminating, which is essentially different from the principle of the main back light source imaging of the LCD TV.

What are the advantages of a true LED TV?

1, the size of wireless expansion. The current maximum size of a traditional LCD TV is 110 baht. If it is larger, there are major problems in terms of technology, cost, yield, etc. However, LED TVs do not have this limitation. It is assembled from a basic LED unit. , so the dimensions can be customized to meet the needs of the user. Before that, some companies displayed 288-inch LED TVs.

2, can be customized creative TV. Since the LED TV is assembled from LED units, of course, in addition to the size can be customized, its shape can also be customized, such as the now very curved TV, for LED TV technology is much simpler, it is easy to achieve.

3, large size price is extremely advantageous. The price of a 60-inch LCD TV is about 78,000 yuan, while the price of a 70-inch LCD TV needs 230,000-30,000. If it's bigger, such as the 85/84-inch LCD TV displayed in the market, the selling price is mostly More than 100,000, and then a larger LCD TV, the price will need to be hundreds of thousands. The increase in the price of LCD TVs is a geometric increase with the increase in size, and the increase in the size of LED TV screens is merely an increase in LED units, so the price is also growing in proportion. For example, 2 square meters increase the price by 1 time relative to 1 square meter.

4, maintenance costs are low. The biggest fear for LCD TVs is that the screen has a bad point. If there is a problem, the entire screen has to be changed. The LED TV light bulb damage problems, you can replace the damaged light bulb alone, the maintenance cost is much lower.

Since LED TV has so many advantages, why can't it develop rapidly? The author thinks it is mainly in appearance and clarity.

First of all, LCD TVs have an important hardware indicator called pixels, while LED TVs are called point spacing. The distance between LED lights is commonly referred to as the distance between LED lights. The smaller the distance between dots, the smaller the graininess of the video, and the picture also. clearer.

At present, LED TVs have a millimeter-level spacing, such as 1.2 millimeters and 1.0 millimeters, which is indistinguishable from the micrometer pixel pitch of LCD TVs. Therefore, LED TVs are not suitable for small size, and are more suitable for viewing larger sizes than 4 meters.

Secondly, LED TVs are spliced ​​together by LED units. There is very little exquisite design for the appearance of the LED TVs, and the ultra-thin design is not on the same level as LCD TVs. Therefore, further technical research is needed.

In any case, the real LED TV has gradually emerged. With the further development of technology, it may soon begin to infiltrate ordinary families, which will have an impact on the traditional TV industry. We will wait and see.